Poster Presentation Society of Obstetric Medicine of Australia and New Zealand ASM 2015

Is Product Information a reliable resource? (#110)

Emma Brown 1 , Elizabeth Hotham 2 , Neil Hotham 3
  1. Lyell McEwin Hospital, Elizabeth Vale
  2. University of South Australia, Adelaide
  3. Australian Medicines Handbook, Adelaide

Background: Product Information is a popular medicines information resource; however it has been speculated that the pregnancy and lactation information it provides is overconservative, which can potentially lead to inappropriate, or even avoidance of, pharmacological treatment of pregnant and lactating women.

Methods: A thorough analysis of pregnancy and lactation information within Australian Product Information and Consumer Medicines Information was performed. The statements within these resources were compared with information from established clinical resources.

Results: The Australian Product Information and Consumer Medicines Information were both found to provide overconservative, and sometimes contradictory, recommendations for medication use in pregnancy and lactation.

Conclusion: Product Information should not be relied upon to provide accurate advice on medication use for pregnant and lactating women. Health professionals are urged to review established clinical resources to inform decision making.